Cataract Surgery -
Types of techniques used by Dr Parul

MICS phaco
(Micro Incision cataract Surgery- Phacoemulsification)
Femtosecond laser assisted cataract Surgery- bladeless)
Corneal Incision -2.2mm(to enter the eye)- with blade keratome Corneal Incision -2.2mm-laser assisted
Capsulorrhexis(opening of the anterior capsule of lens)-manually with 26G needle Capsulorrhexis-laser assisted
Cataract nucleus chopping - ultrasonic phaco machine Cataract nucleus chopping - laser assisted
Rest OT Steps same in Both Techniques Above 3 steps are done in Femtosecond laser OT 1
Rest steps are the same in MICS
Patient is then shifted to Phaco OT 2
  • Very small incision that heals fast
  • No stiches, no bandages
  • Early return to normal lifestyle
  • 100% bladefree cataract surgery
  • Reduce phaco energy significantly sp in hard cataracts
  • Safer in subluxated, posterior polar, hypermature and other complicated cataracts
  • Early Recovery and return to normal lifestyle
MICS Phaco-OPERATION CHARGES 42K+ Lens Cost FLACS - OPERATION + FEMTO Machine charges 95K+Lens cost