• Have your eyes checked annually if you are >40yrs age, even if you see well
  • All children, especially if parents are wearing spectacles should get their eyes checked at 3 or 4 yrs of age.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun. Wear sunglasses that block complete ultraviolet (UV) radiation for prolonged outdoor activities.
  • Eat healthy foods- plenty of leafy greens, other vegetables specially brocolli, red & yellow bell peppers, all fruits, egg, fish and walnuts.
  • Use good lighting and maintain upright position while reading.
  • To Reduce eyestrain while working on laptop/computer – Take frequent eye breaks -Close your eyes for 20scs or Look away from your computer / book at something 20 feet away - every 20 minutes
  • Limit SCREEN time for children and encourage them to do more outdoor activities in sun. Few hours of screen time for school going children is fine.
  • Use the right corrective lenses in spectacles.  Having regular exams will ensure that your prescription is correct. In growing children a 6monthly review is recommended and an annual check-up for adults.
  • Prevent eye injuries by wearing protective eyewear when playing sports, mowing the lawn, painting or using other products with toxic fumes.
  • Premature babies specially with history of nursery stay and oxygenation require retina check up as early as possible to detect Retinopathy of Prematurity.
  • Annual eye check ups if you have chronic health conditions such as diabetes ,high blood pressure, thyroid d’s, kidney d’s, autoimmune disorders etc or if you are taking steroids ….as they can affect your eye . Annual retina periphery examination is required for all myopes to detect any silent holes/ breaks ,treat by laser and prevent retinal detachments .
  • See your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms: Sudden loss or blurry vision in one eye with or without pain; double vision; or flashes of light, black spots or halos around lights.

For any persisting eye issue when on screens , it is best to visit an ophthalmologist and seek guidance. For any further query/ assistance, you can drop a mail to me : parul_ms@hotmail.com
Dr Parul Maheshwari Sharma