About Dr. Parul Sharma

Dr. Parul Sharma is Senior Eye Surgeon, Director & HOD, Max Eye Care, Max Hospitals Gurgaon, Panchsheel Park – Delhi & Viaan Eye Centre - Gurgaon . She has over 24 years experience in delivering the best quality eye care in gurgaon. Besides providing comprehensive eye care in Gurgaon, she specializes in Micro phacomulsification and FLACS-femto laser assisted cataract surgery, Glaucoma, Squint, Refractive surgeries including Femto bladeless Lasik, PRK, Phakic ICL and Keratoconus. The healthcare organization she works with, boasts has advanced technology and quality service in Gurgaon and South Delhi. She strongly believes in ethical and humane approach in medical practices

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