Patient Feedback - Squint
squint patient

Ajay Kang

I am very thankful to Max Healthcare for the surgery.

Reallignment of eyes help me get better focus and vision.

Squint Surgery has proved significant social benefits to me : for example

Imporved self image
Improved interpersonal relationship
Improved employment


Ajay Kang

squint patient


My daughter had a severe case of squint.Am Very happy with the outcome of the surgery and can recommend Max Hospital to anyone who wishes to receive good Medicare and excellent outcome .

Many thanks Dr. Parul Sharma .,Ms Manju and staff and the hospital

Aisha Abubakar kundini

Before/After Results
Preop - Left eye divergent and up
Postop - Straight gaze
Preop - Left eye convergent
Postop - Straight eyes
Preop - Divergent squint
Postop - Straight eyes
Left eye divergent squint before surgery
Left eye straight after surgery
Squint ESO Accomodative
Accomodative squint corrected with spectacles
Accomodative squint esotropia
Squint ESO Post-op
Intermittent Divergent Squint
IDS corrected after surgery
Right eye convergent squint
Right eye corrected straight after surgery